The first day of class will be on July 8th.

100 English video lessons with Teacher Tonia

Beginning-level English Class for Adults

You will receive 100 pre-recorded video lessons from Teacher Tonia! 👏
These are not live classes; however, they are much more convenient!
You can learn English with Teacher Tonia at any time of the day!
Do you have a busy schedule? That is not a problem! 🤗
Teacher Tonia specifically designed these lessons so that you can learn
anywhere, at any time, and in any time zone! 😃

Receive 5 new video lessons in your email every week! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
100 lessons! Each lesson is approximately 45 – 90 minutes in length.👏

Do you enjoy Teacher Tonia’s teaching methods?

You will learn vocabulary, sentence structure, verb tenses, grammar, alphabet/phonics, how to ask and answer questions, pronunciation, reading, writing, speaking phrases, and so much more! 😲😃

In addition to receiving 100 lessons, you will also gain access to Teacher Tonia’s private Facebook group. 💻 You will have the opportunity to participate in 5 Facebook LIVE sessions for additional practice and make friends in our community of students from all over the world! 🌎


Price: $99 Total! One-time payment.

That is less than $1/lesson! 😀

Watch the video below to learn more about the classes!

What’s inside

Online Classes

Receive 5 new English video lessons from Teacher Tonia in your email inbox every week! That is 100 videos to help you improve your English!



Receive a certificate of completion via email when you have completed the course.



Gain access to a private online community of Teacher Tonia’s students and occasional LIVE sessions with Teacher Tonia!


100 Lessons with Teacher Tonia

Here are some of the things we will be working on in this beginning-level English course.

You will get 5 new videos every week for 5 months. The class will be closed and the videos will be unavailable 2 weeks after you receive the last video.



Learn to read simple words, complete sentences, paragraphs, and finally full stories!


We will learn to write letters, words, and full sentences in the past, present, and future tenses!


The videos will improve your pronunciation and your speaking fluency as you follow along with the video exercises. 


We will learn new vocabulary words each week. We will learn the meaning, practice the spelling, and use the words in our speaking, reading, and writing!


We will learn new verbs in the past, present, and future tenses. Learn how to change verbs and speak, read, and write with confidence!


We will learn the basics of English grammar to help you practice your fluency when speaking and writing.

Parts of speech

We will learn various parts of speech and how to utilize them correctly when speaking and writing.

Phonics & pronunciation

We will learn about letter sounds, letter combinations, vowel sounds, and how to correctly pronounce words so that you can speak with confidence!

Why sign up?

Every student has different needs, learning styles, goals, dreams, and aspirations. I am here to help you on your journey. Find your reason. Find your motivation. Be persistent. If you dream it, you can do it. We can do this together. 






Improve your English speaking, reading, writing, understanding, grammar and more! 


Gain independence from your translating devices! Go to the store, speak with the cashier! Go to the pharmacy, talk with the pharmacist!


Become more confident interacting with friends, co-workers, and English speakers all across the world! Ask and answer questions in conversations!


Join a supportive community of Teacher Tonia’s students and gain access to her occasional LIVE sessions!


Do you provide classes for children?

No, I do not provide courses for children at this time.

Do you offer private lessons?

No, I do not offer private classes at this time.


How much do your classes cost?

The 100 English lessons with Teacher Tonia + Private Facebook Group with 5 LIVE calls - only $99!

If I buy the course, but I cannot complete it due to personal reasons, is it refundable?

Refunds are not available.

How long will I have access to the private Facebook group and LIVE sessions?
After you buy the course, you will have continued access to the private Facebook group and future LIVE sessions, even after the course closes.
How can I message Teacher Tonia?

You can go to the "Contact" page and submit a question, or you can email Please note that due to the large number of messages received daily, it may take time to get a response. Teacher Tonia is currently responding to messages regarding questions about classes or business-related inquiries. Thank you.

How long do I have access to the class / videos?

You will get 5 new videos every week for 5 months. The class will be closed and the videos will be unavailable 2 weeks after you receive the last video.