Intermediate 1 course

The first live call with Teacher Tonia will be on June 24th. The first day of class will be on June 25th.

Intermediate 1 Course with Teacher Tonia

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey?
Are you ready to continue learning new verbs, grammar, adjectives, questions, and more?
Are you ready to learn new vocabulary to improve your messages, emails, conversations, and interviews?
I am ready and excited to help you reach the next level. 🎉🎉
Your future is waiting for you!
Let’s go!
Let’s do this!
Let’s learn English!

Price: $169 Total! One-time payment.

Course Details

Course Length

  • 3 months (12 weeks)
  • You will have 10 weeks of lessons + 2 weeks of extra time to complete the course.

Course Schedule

5 days per week (Monday – Friday)

  • Monday – LIVE CLASS with Teacher Tonia

      • 2 LIVE classes every Monday for 10 weeks.

      • Students only need to attend ONE LIVE class per week.
      • Teacher Tonia is offering two different times each Monday because each student has a different schedule and lives in a different time zone.
  • Tuesday – VIDEO LESSONS from Teacher Tonia

      • You will receive 4 lessons per week in your email.

Intermediate 1 with Teacher Tonia

Here are some of the things we will be working on in this beginning-level English course.

You will get 5 new videos every week for 5 months. The class will be closed and the videos will be unavailable 2 weeks after you receive the last video.



Learn to read paragraphs, dialogue, messages, emails, and various types of written communication.


We will learn to write complete sentences, messages, emails, and begin to write paragraphs.


You will practice your speaking during our LIVE classes and as you follow along with the video exercises.


Study your new vocabulary words in full sentences. Complete your spelling sentence test each week.


Learn how to use verbs in various tenses including simple tenses, continuous tenses, and more.


We will continue to explore new grammar topics and further develop our ability to use these grammar guidelines when reading, writing, and speaking.

Parts of speech

We will learn the correct terms for new parts of speech and how each part functions in a sentence.
two women talking to each other

Phonics & pronunciation

The class will review and practice our previous phonics lessons and learn new phonics patterns.

Why sign up?

Every student has different needs, learning styles, goals, dreams, and aspirations. I am here to help you on your journey. Find your reason. Find your motivation. Be persistent. If you dream it, you can do it. We can do this together. 





Improve your English speaking, reading, writing, understanding, grammar and more!




Gain confidence when speaking with native speakers in the community, sending messages and emails, and answering general interview questions.



Become more confident interacting with friends, co-workers, and English speakers all across the world! Ask and answer questions in conversations!


Join our weekly LIVE lesson to participate in a classroom community with your classmates and Teacher Tonia.



What time is the LIVE class in my country?
 Please email Teacher Tonia for assistance:
How many weeks is this course?
This course is 12 weeks in length.
(10 weeks of lessons + 2 extra weeks of additional work time)


How long will I have access to the lessons?
You will have 12 weeks to view the lessons.
Will I receive a certificate for this course?
Yes. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.