Want to learn English quickly?

Do you want to learn English vocabulary?
Do you want to learn English but you have zero English right now?
Do you want to learn English, but you only have a little knowledge of the English language now?
Do you want to read and understand stories in English?
Do you want help to speak in the past, present, and future tenses?
Do you want to be able to ask and answer questions in English?
Do you want to be able to better communicate with your English-speaking co-workers or friends?
Do you want to write and spell correctly in English?
Do you want to be able to go to the store, bank, hospital, and pharmacy with more confidence?
Did you move to an English-speaking country and you need to learn the language?

Experiences & Certifications

I have a college degree in education in the U.S.A.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of teaching students in face-to-face classes. I have taught students from more than 70 different countries.

I have been able to effectively teach mixed-language groups without translation for the duration of my career.

I have 13 years of teaching experience with both adults and children.

My educational degree also includes a minor in literacy and additional coursework in special education.

Many students want to learn English, but it makes them feel nervous. I have been able to successfully deliver classes that calm their nerves and increase their confidence.

What you will learn


The lessons will practice how to speak in the past, present, and future tenses. We will also focus on correct grammar, asking and answering questions, as well as correct pronunciation so that other people can clearly understand you.


The class will practice spelling and common spelling patterns to assist you in improving your writing. We will also focus on phonics, sentence writing, and more!


The class will read words and learn the phonics of correct pronunciation. We will also read sentences, paragraphs, and stories. I will help you develop your reading and comprehension skills.


Listening to Teacher Tonia every day will help you to understand more English. There will be a lot of repetition, making it easier to understand and retain new words. We will also practice asking and answering questions.

How it works

Get 100 lessons

You will receive a new video lesson from Teacher Tonia in your email inbox every day for 100 days!

Finish to get certificate

You will receive a certificate of completion after you have completed all 100 video lessons.

Join the community

By purchasing the 100 video lessons, you will also gain access to an online support community of Teacher Tonia‘s students. You will also see some LIVE lessons from Teacher Tonia in this group.


Do you provide classes for children?

No, I do not provide courses for children at this time.

Do you offer private lessons?

No, I do not offer private classes at this time.


How much do your classes cost?

The 100 English lessons with Teacher Tonia + Private Facebook Group with 5 LIVE calls - only $99!

If I buy the course, but I cannot complete it due to personal reasons, is it refundable?

Refunds are not available.

How long will I have access to the private Facebook group and LIVE sessions?
After you buy the course, you will have continued access to the private Facebook group and future LIVE sessions, even after the course closes.
How can I message Teacher Tonia?

You can go to the "Contact" page and submit a question, or you can email info@teachertonia.com Please note that due to the large number of messages received daily, it may take time to get a response. Teacher Tonia is currently responding to messages regarding questions about classes or business-related inquiries. Thank you.

How long do I have access to the class / videos?

You will get 5 new videos every week for 5 months. The class will be closed and the videos will be unavailable 2 weeks after you receive the last video.